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Mixed level session with Jessica Ashby

This session is led by Pilates teacher and C9WH Co-Director Jessica Ashby.  It is suitable for people that are new to Pilates, experienced in Pilates, or those who may have practiced a while ago and have taken a short break. 

Pilates is perfect for people recovering from injury and wanting to get back into exercise again. It is also catered to people who are fit and well and want to enhance their training.

Pilates is a physical and mental workout where posture, concentration and control is centred around a lateral breathing technique, (ribs expand outward and upward) and pelvic floor activation as the foundations. From there, there are a multitude of exercises using key principles such as strength, balance, flexibility, mobility and stability that are all executed with precision and flow. Pretty cool huh?

Pilates elongates and strengthens the body, improving muscle elasticity. Think strong and flexible, the dream combo!  As a result of this you will become much more aware of your own body type and what it needs. It is also a great match with other training you may be doing.  Footballers and dancers alike can notice a difference in their performance once taking on Pilates as a regular part of their training programme.

We invite you to join us at Cloud9 Wellness Hub in Enfield

to use this time as a focused way to spend your Tuesday morning, allowing Jessica and our calming hub to ease you into the day...


Wednesdays 18:45 - 19:45

Jan 2019 bookings coming soon...