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pregnancy fitness

With Fitmums' Bible

Exercising through pregnancy is vital to make your pregnancy an enjoyable experience. It helps with energy levels, reduces any discomfort caused by postural changes and carrying the extra weight of your little bundle of joy.  Not to mention all the worry and anxiety you might be feeling before welcoming your little one...exercise will release all those happy hormones you need to feel better, more positive and get more in tune with your body.

This is the perfect class to focus your time and attention to you, your body, your fitness and the life growing inside of you.  Reka from Fitmums' Bible will focus special attention to key areas of your body to strengthen and stretch overworked muscles, you will find the postnatal recovery so much quicker and easier by keeping active now.

Join our class to learn about your changing body, have a fun workout and meet other expectant mummies too.


Saturdays 11:30 - 12:30

Flexi-Course 5 weeks (dates of your choice) - £50

Single sessions - £12.50


Bookings are not transferable and non-refundable, however you may gift/sell your session(s) to someone else based on the terms above as long as they are fit to take part.